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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Quinpinnacles Press come from?

Quinpinnacles is the name of a geological feature on the fictitious world of Aquaterra in the sci-fi novel Caverns of Casnitania by R. LeRoy Green, soon to be published by Quinpinnacles Press.

What is the mission of Quinpinnacles Press?

Our mission is to publish novels and nonfiction books rooted in principles of faith and freedom.

Who is behind Quinpinnacles Press?

As we are well ahead of our time, nearly everyone else is way behind us. 😊

On the serious side, Quinpinnacles Press is a small independent publishing house established in 2018 as the book publishing arm of Rand Green Communications. The founder and executive director of Rand Green Communications, and the executive editor and publisher of Quinpinnacles Press, is Rand Green. Over a long career, Rand has had broad experience in virtually all aspects of print media and internet communications through a career that spans more than five decades. He has been a writer, editor, publisher, graphic designer, printer, typographer, photographer, and website developer. He has worked with book publishers, magazine publishers, newspaper publishers, religious organizations, and universities.

What books has Quinpinnacles Press published?

The first title published by Quinpinnacles Press was a small book of poetry, Soul Tremors and other Poems, by Randall L. Green, published in 2018.

Quinpinnacles Press has recently published a debut novel by R. LeRoy Green entitled The Zealot, book one of The Anvil Trilog. Now available in paperback from Amazon, The Zealot is a powerful psychological drama—a story of faith challenged. The second volume in the trilogy, The Magnesium Ribbon, is currently in progress and is expected to be published sometime in 2020.

Now in production and scheduled for release by Quinpinnacles Press in early 2020 is a faith-based sci-fi novel, The Caverns of Casnitania, book one of The Aspirian Trilogy, also by R. LeRoy Green. That will be followed shortly by a nonfiction work, The Divine Nature, by Randall L. Green.

Stay tuned. God willing, there are many more to come.

That is a lot of Greens. Are they any relation to each other?

They are all the same person, and we make no secret of that.

Randall LeRoy Green, who founded Rand Green Communications some 45 years ago, is known by his friends and business associates as Rand. He writes fiction as R. LeRoy Green, poetry and religious nonfiction as Randall L. Green, and other nonfiction as Rand Green.

Are you actually a publishing house, or are your books really published by Amazon, and you just use a fancy name to make it look like you are a legitimate publisher?

We welcome the opportunity to address this question and hopefully correct some common misperceptions about independent publishing.

Anyone can write a book and have it “published” in paperback or ebook format, by Amazon-owned Kindle Direct Publishing (so long as it meets KDP’s minimum standards), then offered for sale on Amazon. But neither Amazon nor KDP is actually the publisher, particularly if authors purchase their own ISBN number.

Many independent authors list themselves as publishers in Bowkers’ Books in Print—the leading database on published books used by publishers, libraries, and book retailers—but contract out most of the services normally performed by traditional publishers such as editing, formatting, cover design, printing and distribution (although in fact, many traditional publishers also contract out some of those services).

Other independent authors actually become entrepreneurs and form their own small publishing houses. They will perform as many of the publishing house functions themselves as they feel qualified to do, while still contracting out the others. Unless they have deep enough pockets to hire marketing consultants, the marketing function will fall entirely on their shoulders.

Rand Green, the founder of Quinpinnacles Press, has had professional experience in virtually every function performed by a traditional publisher, from book editing to marketing and business management. Establishing his own small independent publishing house gives him an opportunity to draw on that wealth of experience to publish and market his own books, while using companies such as KDP and IngramSpark for printing and distribution.

Will Quinpinnacles Press publish books by other authors?

Yes. We have plans to publish a series of anthologies and collected works by various authors with original commentaries and annotations by Quinpinnacles Press editors. It is also our hope, eventually—once we feel our reputation is sufficiently well-established—to provide full-service publishing for selected authors.

In the meanwhile, Rand Green Communications already offers the finest book manuscript editing, design, and formatting available, along with some other author services, to independent, self-publishing authors.

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