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January 10, 2020

Career Journalist Turns Novelist

When your most deeply held convictions come into conflict,
they can tear you apart.

Photo of Randall LeRoy GreenEAGLE, IDQuinpinnacles Press has just, has just published a compelling debut novel entitled The Zealot by R. LeRoy Green, a career journalist turned fiction writer.

Book one in The Anvil Trilogy, The Zealot is a powerful psychological drama—a story of faith challenged.

Randall LeRoy Green (the middle name rhymes with deploy) published his first poem at age twelve, started a novel (never submitted for publication) at age fourteen, began publishing articles in national magazines at age nineteen, and co-authored a best selling non-fiction book at age twenty-one.

After youthful stints as a farm hand, construction worker, printer, soldier, and missionary, Rand became a reporter for a daily newspaper while still in college, then was hired for his first position on the editorial staff of a magazine. Over the years, he has published more than 12,000 articles (the equivalent of about eighty 300-page books) on a wide variety of subjects in numerous consumer and trade publications. It left little time for writing fiction.

That all changed recently. After publishing book of poetry in 2018, Rand now focuses on writing novels. The Zealot is his first published novel. His second will be out shortly, he is working on third—a sequel to The Zealot, which he hopes to finish in early 2020—and there will be (hopefully many) more to come.

He writes fiction as R. LeRoy Green, poetry and religious nonfiction as Randall L. Green, and other nonfiction as Rand Green.

Rand now lives in rural Idaho with his lovely wife JoAnne, who puts up with his puns and sometimes even laughs at them, and with whom he shares a passion for gardening, good food, great books, inspiring music, and old movies.

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